7 Top Tips to manifest results using the Law of Attraction. 

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The Law of Attraction premise is to be a co-creator with the universe in order to manifest the things that are deepest within your heart. Anyone can use the law of attraction, but to experience your manifested desires quicker, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly. Here we will give you 7 steps to follow, to get faster results from the process.

Start being grateful right now.

When you practice gratitude, you are asking the universe to attract more of what brings you happiness. Similarly, if you are feeling annoyed and ungrateful, the law of attraction will find more reasons to make you feel this down.

The first rule of manifesting through the law of attraction is to notice everything you are grateful for in your present life. Right now, look around, no matter how big or small, think of what brings you gratitude.

Talk about it

When manifesting your desires, it is important to speak as if you already have everything you are wanting to attract. Yes, this might seem counterproductive, but the moment a thought is acknowledged, you have brought it into reality, it is already created you just need to attract it.

The more you speak of the thought and desire, the faster it will appear into your state of being, you are strengthening the attraction to it. If you talk with joy about what you desire, as if you already have it, it will come into your life quicker.

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Surround Yourself With The Things You Desire

This may sound strange to surround yourself with something you want, as you don’t currently have it. But there are ways to do this, and it will speed up the manifestation. If it is an object, ask to try it out, go and look at it in the shop. Is there someone you know with the exact thing you desire, spend time with them, visualise the end goal, look at pictures if you desire. To utilise the law of attraction, you need to be in the energy space of what you want. By surrounding yourself with what you want, you will receive it faster and in more abundance.

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Let Go

It may seem like a paradox to let go because a very large part of manifesting requires that you give a lot of focus to your desire. There is a delicate balancing act of focus on what you want, without feeling needy or clingy. When you are manifesting this desire, yes feel that excitement, feel like you already have it, visualise having it, but don’t hold on to it with fear and desperation. Let go. The needing, wanting and clinging on, are all negative emotions which will impact your manifestation. Feel full and confident with what you have.



Be open to receiving 

Most of us will know that we want certain things, we can list all of our desires straight away, but not many of us know how to receive the things they are asking for. It is common for people to feel like they do not deserve their desires, that they are unworthy of receiving what they are asking for. Those feelings of doubtfulness will act as a block to your attractions. Feel worthy of what you are wanting to manifest, you are the co-creator of your manifestations, be open and allow yourself to receive.

Become Worthy 

You might be wondering how do you become worthy to receive. You need to remember that the universe wants you to succeed. When you use the law of attraction to manifest a better life, you are in the positive flow and in better energy of adding value to the world. The faster you can feel like you are worthy of receiving your desires, the faster they will come.


You may not have all the money in the world or everything that you desire, but you can still add value and give to others. By giving to others, you will be surprised by how fast the law of attraction will manifest abundance in your life. There is a natural order in the universe and to manifest more, you must also be in the flow of giving. Give with love regularly and the law of attraction will bless you by bringing to you much more than you give.

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