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Manifesting your desires doesn’t always have to be a big grandiose ritual that if you don’t do it this way exact your dreams won’t manifest. 

In fact, there are a lot simpler techniques than you may assume especially for those of you who are new to manifesting. Here we’ll show you a simple, easy and effective manifesting trick that will only take 5 seconds out of your day, literally. 

Before explaining how to perform this water manifesting technique, the research and studies I found on this topic was what really caught my attention and made me believe this is a valuable manifesting technique to experiment and share. 


Dr. Masaru Emoto is a scientist known famously for his water experiment. Basically, he experiments with multiple jars of water each with a different intention, emotion, music and words focused on these jars and freezes them. He then later speculates each jar to see any molecular changes in structure of the frozen water. 

For example, on a piece of paper he writes “I Love You” and places a jar of water on that paper. The other paper has written “I Hate You” and places another jar of water on the paper then freezes them. What was seen in his experimental videos was astonishing.

The jar of frozen water labeled “I Love You” was found to have a beautiful geometric, snowflake like patterns found in the water. The other jar labeled “I Hate You” had a distorted, awkward not so beautiful structure to it. Since the human body is made up of 70-80% water, this goes to show that our intentions do make an impact. How we speak to ourselves, what emotions and thoughts we surround ourselves with do manifest. 

How to perform Water Magic as a manifesting technique was done by a YouTuber named, The Gem Goddess. Her channel is dedicated to manifesting, law of attraction and everything related to the topic I highly recommend her. 

She performs by using a glass jar to pour pure water into. You can use any jar and any kind of water but prefer glass and pure/alkaline water to eliminate any impurities. She then goes on to charge your jar of water with your intentions and emotions based on what you want to manifest. Hold your jar in your hands and speak to existence what you want to manifest. Really feel it is happening. You can layer as many intentions as you’d like. It is recommended to take a sip of your elixir water everyday to slowly transform your own energetic frequency to match what you put in the water! 

My experience with using Water Magic as a manifesting technique has been one of my favourites. Of course with any manifestation, action is necessary, and with it have noticed an impact on my emotional health and confidence. An extra tip I recommend is adding crystals to your water and charging both water and crystals together under a full or new moon. Make sure the crystals you are adding are non toxic and safe to infuse with. 

jar water magic

Here are some video links I have posted for you guys about Dr Emoto’s research studies and The Gem Goddess YouTube video explaining the water manifesting technique. As far as why I am sharing this article is because this is a powerful and quite easy manifesting technique that I love to use, and with myself being a Tarot Reader and into spirituality I thought I would share the knowledge.

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More info:
  • Dr Masaru Emoto Water Experiment Video – Here
  • The Gem Goddess Manifestation – Here 
  • My Personal Tarot Channel – Here
May your manifestations come true. 
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