Simple Tips for Using Workplace Spirituality to Relieve Stress

by Jeanna
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For most people, a work week includes a minimum of 40 hours at their workplace. Within those 40 hours, they stress over difficult tasks, decisions, and people including employers, coworkers, and customers. They also rush to finish deadlines, go to meetings, answer hundreds of both important and unimportant emails and master the never-ending development of new technology. These conditions can overwhelm even the calmest of people.

At the end of the day, a person just needs to wind down and find a moment of peace, but why wait until the end of the day when you can find spiritual wellbeing at work by including spirituality practices in the workplace?

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Benefits of Workplace Spirituality

Spirituality in the workplace won’t just calm your mind and relieve you of the stress that works so aptly provides. In fact, it offers many additional benefits.

  • Builds trust: When people practice workplace spirituality together, even if their spiritual beliefs differ, they become better communicators, more in tune to body language and energy levels, and develop a more emotional sense of wellbeing. They learn to empathize and accept others as they are. In addition, group meditation courses encourage social interaction and community growth.
  • Increases productivity through improved focus: Meditation promotes the practice of focusing on ones breathing while blocking out or eliminating distractions that enter the brain. Studies suggest that this training changes parts of the brain that involve learning, memory, and focus. ( Greater focus can help you stay on task for longer periods of time. It also gives you a clearer vision of the most pressing needs of your work.
  • Enhances creativity: Meditation helps our brains reach a state of theta—the waves the brain produces that allow us to daydream about the future. ( It does this by helping us to relax and be present in the moment. When in theta, answers to problems can seemingly pop out of nowhere improving our decision-making ability.
  • Boosts employee moral: Some practices of spirituality in the workplace include learning to be grateful for the positive facets of life instead of complaining about the negative. This shift leads to optimism and an overall spiritual wellbeing at work that not only helps the individual practicing gratitude but also rubs off onto the people around them.
  • Improves leadership skills: People who are more self-aware display a greater sense of positivity. As a result, others will more eagerly follow them. Additionally, an important aspect of leadership is the ability to both listen and communicate. Spirituality practices in the workplace and meditation allow individuals to process clear thoughts and transmit those thoughts effectively to others.
  • Decreases stress levels: While all the previously mentioned benefits can help to decrease stress, spirituality and meditation alone helps to relieve stress related symptoms including digestion problems, insomnia, and respiratory rate. In fact, studies suggest that meditation also helps with hypertension, heart health, addiction, improved immune systems, and depression. ( This also lowers absenteeism and tardies and raises productivity.


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Meditate at Work to Find Workplace Spirituality and Relieve Stress

Of course, it would be wonderful if there was an employer supported meditation and spirituality program implemented in your workplace, but if not, you can still combine your personal desire to increase spiritual wellbeing at work with your employers need to get tasks done.

First, select a time that’s free from distractions. A ten to fifteen-minute break allows for enough time to do this. Another option would be to carve out a little of your lunch break to refresh and reboot.

Next, select a location where you won’t be disturbed. If you have a private office, shut your door. Unfortunately, you may still find that particular space to be distracting, especially of there is a chance that the phone might ring or you have pressing projects on your desk. A better option might be a quiet unused room in the office or a location outside in a more natural environment.

Begin practicing meditation in the manner of your choice. If new to meditation, you may want to do a little research about the different variations and schools of meditation. Some will implement breathing techniques while others may focus on mantras. The easiest way to get started meditating is with guided meditation. These can be found on Youtube and meditation apps.

Finally, to promote spirituality in the workplace, find a partner. Meditating with someone else is, of course, a personal choice. However, having a partner to meditate with will both encourage you to do it on days when you might be tempted to skip meditation and will increase spiritual wellbeing at work. In fact, the more people receiving the benefits of meditation, the calmer the overall environment will become.

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Pressed for Time? Just a Dash of Meditation Will Help

Sometimes, however, you may find the benefits of spirituality in the workplace with a quicker and immediate meditation practice. For example, to center yourself before an important meeting or to find calm after a stressful conversation, you might try taking a few minutes to focus solely on counting your breath. Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, count each breath you take until you reach ten and then start over. Another variation of this could be to think “I am breathing in” as you inhale and “I am breathing out” as you exhale.

Studies also suggest that you can’t focus on more than two sensations at once. You can use this knowledge to remove distracting thoughts from your head. Begin by taking in a few deep breaths. Then return your breathing to normal and focus on both your breath and another one of your senses. For example, you could focus on your breath and your heartbeat or your breath and the sounds you hear. This exercise is great practice for bringing you into the present.

Finally, practicing prayer to increase spirituality in the workplace, even for those who don’t define themselves as religious, can bring a sense of calm. For instance, addressing no entity in particular, you can say, “Give peace to me and those around me so that we may work for the good of all.” This simple prayer sets an intention while also giving you a moment to pause and reconnect, so you can be your best self.

Work doesn’t have to be the stress producing monster that many people believe it to be. In fact, with the right mindset and spirituality practices in the workplace, you can make it through a day filled with aggravating instances while maintaining a calm and stress-free demeanor. If you want to know more about spirituality and what it can do for you, download our free e-book.

Here at Spiritualslife, we know a thing or two about spirituality in the workplace, but we’re always looking for more suggestions. Let us know what spirituality practices in the workplace you use in the comments below.

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