Sound Healing

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Long before the invention of medicine, our ancestors had discovered ways that promoted healing of the body mind and soul which were part of their daily life routine. The harmony in the way of life, the social support from communal living and physically active lifestyles promoted healthy beings. Additionally, eating healthy foods, mostly roots and herbs ensured physical health and stability on how the body functioned. 

Modernization prompted by advancement in education, scientific inventions and technological development has slowly taken away the conventional ways of life and consequently, the natural ways of healing our bodies as an introduction of medicine became the ‘best perceived’ alternative to overcoming the disease. However, more than ever, we are being invited to consider practices that reward our bodies as a preventative approach to conquering disease. These practices support the body to perform its tasks to heal and repair thus be able to protect and safeguard it from ‘shutting down’. 

a hand making sounds with a bowl

Among many practices, we have sound healing. Sound healing uses a unique way of calming the body through the use of vibrations that relaxes both the body and the mind. It is a practice that has been used by indigenous communities and monks to promote wellbeing. The power of sound healing was highlighted on the Heal Documentary where scientists and spiritual teachers discuss how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact human health and the ability to heal. Acknowledging the daily stressors of life, sound healing offers an effective way to center ourselves regardless of where we are. We don’t need to go to a specific place, we just need to use our headphones to center ourselves by tapping the power of sound healing. To learn more on sound healing click here.

Life is precious and choosing lifestyles that promote wellbeing is choosing self-love. When we take time to calm our mind, focus and become aware of our surroundings we are able to tap into the power of the universe and the power within our soul. We become connected to a higher power and become one with the universe. In this state, our body, mind and soul are in harmony and this promotes the repairing of body cells that in return ensures wellness. With the click of a button, Sound Healing opens doors to all possibilities which our body and mind offer that we all need to live a fulfilling life.

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