Using Your Subconscious Mind To Find Your Power

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According to science, it has been said that we only use a mere 10% of our minds. When you think about that, we are also wasting 90% of our mind’s potential. In any other situation, using 10% of something would not be sufficient. Wasting 90% of the food we make, or wasting 90% of the money that we make. We wouldn’t allow it, so why do we accept that it’s ok to only use 10% of our mind.

The chances are, you are only using 10% of your abilities. Do you feel like your life could be improved and the life you have created could be better? If you are happy settling with using only 10% of your brain, then you may stop reading this. However, if you feel like you want to change your life and unlock the greatness in your mind by using the other 90% of your brain, continue reading to learn how.


One thing you must remember is that you already possess the most powerful tool in the universe, your subconscious mind. It can lead you to the life you have always wanted with joy and success if you just learn to use it correctly. Don’t blame yourself for your current situation and don’t feel sad that you have been wasting your mind all this time, it is not your fault. Our current climate doesn’t teach us how to use the power of our subconscious. You must believe in your subconscious mind and know that it can allow you to find your power.

Let’s start with a very simple process to help activate your subconscious.

Before going to sleep at night, tell your subconscious mind what time you want to wake up. Say you have decided you want to wake at 7 am, visualise a clock that reads 7.00am and tells your mind ‘wake me up at 7 am’. The more you do this, the more you will notice that your mind listens to you and has the power to wake you up at exactly the right time.

Affirmations are another great tool to make life changes through your subconscious mind.

One example if you want to attract money, is to repeat this phrase several times a day “I am wealthy and successful”. It’s best to say them first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep when your brain is at its most susceptible. Don’t feel like it’s a chore, say them with joy and conviction. Make sure your affirmations focus on the positive, so instead of saying ‘I will not smoke’ say ‘I am healthy and cigarette free’. ‘I am’ is your most powerful phrase.

If you are in a tricky situation where you are struggling to make a decision, ask your subconscious mind to help you to decide which option is best for you. Ask it for help by saying something like “Wisdom of my subconscious mind, I ask for your help and guidance in deciding what is for me between two job offers.” Be still and listen to your mind. The answer may not come immediately, your mind will be searching for the correct answer. Be alert and observant in your everyday life and you will become enlightened on the right decision. Don’t get frustrated, accept with ease that the answer will come.


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